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Tower Resistance Could Slow Floyd County 911 Communications Project

Controversy over tower placement could slow down an estimated $5 million overhaul of Floyd County’s emergency communications system. 

Last July, the Board of Supervisors greenlit an upgrade to the County’s current 911 system, which has become too costly to constantly repair. Improvements would also get Floyd County on the statewide 911 ISICS system and improve emergency response efficiency.

However, a proposal to erect a tower as part of the project on the grounds of the Fossil and Prairie Park near Rockford has been met with resistance. One location is near the Jon Tumilson statue and monument, which prompted a host of emails to Supervisors, acknowledged by Board Chair Mark Kuhn during Wednesday’s (02.21) Board of Supervisors meeting.

Kuhn said the email campaign was spearheaded by Joy Tumilson and he read part of her letter to Supservisors..

Supervisor Jim Jorgensen challenged whether the tower site has been fully vetted.

Supervisors did not approve a tower site location, but will explore the possibility of purchasing or renting land on a nearby property not on Fossil and Prairie ground.

Kuhn noted that the process to select and establish an alternate site could slow the communications project down by a couple of months. Still, it could be late 2025 before the new 911 system is operational.


Mark Pitz

News Director/Weekdays 10am to 2pm on 95.9 KCHA
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