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“Homemade Acid” Woman Pleads Guilty to Lesser Assault Charge

A northeast Iowa woman accused of assaulting her husband with “homemade acid” has agreed to a plea deal.

Oelwein Police arrested 48-year-old Jeannie Murphy January 4th for domestic abuse assault after she allegedly threw what she claimed was “homemade acid” on her husband. Murphy said she made the “acid” with salt, water, beef broth, molasses, and other ingredients. 

Murphy has entered an Alford Plea to a charge of simple assault, which means she doesn’t admit guilt, but recognizes that there’s sufficient evidence to convict her. In filing her guilty plea, she claimed that she blacked out and did not know what she was doing.

Also in January, while in the Fayette County Jail in West Union for the assault on her husband, Murphy was accused of attacking a female correctional officer, striking the jailer with her fists and the officer’s own body camera. Murphy had to be tasered twice before she was brought under control.

The correctional officer suffered a concussion and Murphy was initially charged with attempted murder, a Class B felony; but the charge was later reduced to a charge of assault on persons in certain occupations, a Class D felony. 

In April, Murphy entered an Alford Plea to that charge and she was sentenced to 180 days in jail, all suspended. She’ll also be placed on probation for one year, pay a $855 fine and be subject to pay restitution to her victim. 


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