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Charles City Residents Tell Their Stories on “A Day To Remember” 1968 Tornado

About 15 people told their “tornado tales” Monday during “A Day to Remember” the infamous tornado that ripped through Charles City on May 15, 1968.

The Charles City Senior Center hosted the event to mark the 55-year anniversary of the F5 twister that destroyed almost two-thirds of the town.

Becky Meyer recalls the force of the tornado while she was at her friend Jo Austin’s house on North Jackson Street.

Kip Hauser of Hauser Funeral Home recounted his experience in the aftermath of the storm and the job he and his dad had to do when they went to the hospital.

Several people that spoke recalled that they were watching “Bart’s Clubhouse” when the news broke of the tornado striking Charles City, which is listed officially as 4:51 pm on May 15, 1968.

You can hear more stories from that fateful day in the video on the homepage at 


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