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Chickasaw County Plans to Spend ARPA Funds in Flux

Chickasaw County received over $2.3 million in American Rescue Act Plan (ARPA) funds. How to best spend that money was discuss during Monday’s County Board of Supervisors meeting.

Supervisor chair Matt Kuhn reviewed ARPA expenditures to date versus what money remains, including uncommitted funds as well as allocated but not spent funds. At least $1.2 million falls into the latter category. The County has also been earning about $5,400 a month in interest on the money.

Unspent, but allocated includes the $50,000 approved by the Board last week for the City of Nashua to figure out the future of its troubled dam. Monday, citizen Terry Johnson took the Board to task about the precedence that move sets. 


Johnson added that ARPA funds should first be used to finish County projects already in the works before distributing to other municipalities, which also received their own federal ARPA money.

Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Zach Nosbisch expressed frustration over not having a better plan for ARPA money and for current and future County needs.

Nosbisch also encouraged Supervisors to hold a department head meeting to help assess needs and future plans.

No decisions were made by the Board on any new or future ARPA spending, but Kuhn said one area that needs to be completed, with the help of ARPA funds, is the new County ambulance service, which still needs a permanent home as well as purchase a third rig.

Mark Pitz

News Director/Weekdays 10am to 2pm on 95.9 KCHA
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