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New Floyd County 911 System Could Cost Over $5 Million

It could cost Floyd County over $5 million dollars to establish a new 911 communications system.

Ben Chatfield with the Floyd County 911 Service Board told County Supervisors Monday the time has come to replace their current equipment.

Chatfield said the 911 commission recently voted unanimously that getting Floyd County on the statewide ISICSs system is the best solution financially and systematically.

Motorola has the contract for the statewide 911 system and the company’s Shari Schmitz laid out the costs for Floyd County to be added to the system. She offered discounted rates for the necessary equipment of over $4.3 million available through August 24th. It could cost about $250,000 a year for five years for the accompanying maintenance and service contract.

Supervisor Chair Mark Kuhn noted the challenge facing the County to fund the project.

Supervisors discussed options for funding a new 911 system, from possible bond indebtedness, tax levies, and ARPA funds. No decisions were made, but the Board wants to keep pursuing the issue.

Even if the County accepts Motorola’s proposal, Schmitz says it could be up to two years before a new 911 system would be operational.

Mark Pitz

News Director/Weekdays 10am to 2pm on 95.9 KCHA
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