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Officials Discuss Future of Ambulance Service in Floyd County

With the current contract between the City of Charles City, Floyd County and AMR Ambulance set to expire a little over a year from now, discussions have already begun on the future of ambulance service in the county.

City Administrator Steve Diers says they have a great relationship with AMR, but they must still send out requests for information to see if there are other companies interested in providing ambulance service in Floyd County.

Diers also notes that three years ago AMR paid the City and County to be the ambulance provider, but now each municipality pays AMR $100,000 a year and modified space at the Charles City fire station to house the ambulances.

With the current contract up June 30, 2023, Diers says now’s the time for the Floyd County ambulance commission to consider all options.

Diers says the deadline for ambulance providers to respond to their request for information is this June 30th.

Mark Pitz

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