May is Beef Month – Win $20 worth of Beef

Listen all month long for your chance to win $20 in FREE beef, courtesy of the Chickasaw County Cattlemen!

During the 7 am hour, Missy will have beef trivia. Be the 1st caller with the correct answer to 641-394-1000 and you’ll win a beef certificate, valued at $20.

Trivia questions will be asked every weekday, except Memorial Day.

To keep the contest fair, if you win once you will not eligible to win for 30 days.

Trivia questions:  

Question: What is the most tender cut of beef?
Answer: Tenderloin

Congratulations to Carlene Kuhn from New Hampton

Question: How many total cows are in Iowa?
A – 3,900,000; B – 100,000; C – 600,000; D – 1,500,000
Answer: A – 3,900,000

Congratulations to Justin Zeran from Lawler

Question: What percentage of U.S. cattle farms are family owned?
A – 85%; B – 50%; C – 45%; D – 97%
Answer: D – 97%

Congratulations to Nancy Wegner from New Hampton

Question: What is the name of the intramuscular fat in a cut of beef that provides flavor and influences juiciness?
Answer: Marbling

Congratulations to Jessica Rochford from St. Lucas

Question: What are the 4 compartments of a cow’s stomach?
Answer: Reticulum, Omasum, Abomasum & Rumen

Congratulations to Dean Shatek from Elma

Question: What is the top quality grade of beef called?
Answer: Prime

Congratulations to Dan Dietzenbach from Fort Atkinson

Question: Beef is a good source of what? (hint: this helps build muscle)
Answer: Protein

Congratulations to Leon Shatek from Fort Atkinson

Question: This is the most common ingredient in a beef ration?
Answer: Corn

Congratulations to Jan Eiler from New Hampton

Question: Ground beef should always be cooked to what internal temperature?
Answer: 160 degrees Fahrenheit

Congratulations to Paige Stumme (Susie) from Lawler

Question: What is the serving size of beef?
Answer: 3 ounces, about the size of a cell phone or a deck of cards

Congratulations to Mary Kramer from New Hampton

Question: What is Iowa’s state ranking for the total number of cattle on feed?
A – 4th, B – 12th, C – 7th, D – 2nd
Answer: A – 4th

Congratulations to Bill Schultz from Ionia

Question: What is the average dressing percentage for a market beef steer?
Answer: 60 – 62%

Congratulations to Ashley Schuchardt from New Hampton

Question: What is the nation’s current beef slogan?
Answer: “Beef. It’s what’s for dinner.”

Congratulations to Jim Koenigsfeld from Ionia

Question: How many footballs can be made from one cowhide?
Answer: 20, according to Wilson Sporting Goods

Congratulations to Emily Ptacek from Elma

Question: Beef provides us with ZIP. What does ZIP stand for?
Answer: Zinc, Iron and Protein

Congratulations to Tim Hanson from New Hampton

Question: What is the gestation period of a beef cow?
Answer: 283 days

Congratulations to Mark Miller from Sumner

Question: The T-bone steak comes from what wholesale cut?
Answer: Short loin or loin

Congratulations to Matt Zeien from New Hampton

Question: What state has the most cattle in the United States?
Answer: Texas

Congratulations to Matt Kinley from New Hampton

Question: Beef production, including the production of animal feed, is responsible for what percent of greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.?
A – 14.5%; B – 3.3 %, C – 25 %; D – 10.5%
Answer: B – 3.3% of the greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S.

Congratulations to Dave Shatek from Fort Atkinson

Question: Cattle are ruminants and have the ability to eat things that people cannot, like grass, hay and corn stalks due to their stomachs having  _(how many?)_ compartments.
Answer: 4; The 4 compartments are: the rumen, the reticulum, the omasum, and the abomasum. As a cow chews, digestive enzymes in its saliva mix with the food.

Congratulations to Myra Schnuelle from Castalia

Question: How many hamburgers does the average American eat in a year?
Answer: 114

Congratulations to Jeff Ellingson from Lawler

Question: The Iowa Beef Industry Council has a website where you can find information about preparing beef. What is that website?

Congratulations to Doris Anderson from Lawler

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