Gold purple and green glittery mardi gras mask on a white background

Presented by Vern Laures Auto Center, Charles City Electronics and TJ Service

Qualifying Dates, Times and Locations

  1. Thursday June 2ndUnggoy Broadband (9 Qualifiers)
  2. Thursday June 9thCC Electronics/TJ Service (13 Qualifiers)
  3. Thursday June 16thBodensteiner Motorsports (4 Qualifiers)
  4. Thursday June 23rd218 Fuel Express/Wagon Wheel (12 Qualifiers)
  5. Thursday June 30th – 3pm-5pm – Hy-Vee, 901 Kelly St. in CC (23 Qualifiers)
  6. Thursday July 7th – 11am-1pm – 5-Star Coop, 1949 N. Linn Ave. in NH (18 Qualifiers)
  7. Thursday July 14th – 11am-1pm – Schueth Ace Hardware, 300 Gilbert St. in CC (76 Qualifiers)
  8. Thursday July 21st – 11am-1pm – Vern Laures Auto Center, 1950 N. Linn Ave. in NH (4 Qualifiers)
  9. Thursday July 28th – 11am-1pm – Hometown TV & Appliance, 13 W. Main St. in NH (7 Qualifiers)
  10. Thursday August 4th 11am-1pm New Hampton Red Power, 2205 240th St. in NH (7 Qualifiers)



  • Qualifying for the grand prizes will be done at our sponsoring businesses
  • The Bull will be at different locations every Thursday in June and July at varying times
  • Potential qualifiers need to be at the sponsoring business within the allotted hours to play
  • Qualifying will consist of spinning the Prize Wheel which will determine how many tokens will be dropped. You will then drop the token(s) into the PLINK-O Palooza board.  If one of the tokens drops into “Qualifier” slot, you will be officially qualified for the grand prizes
  • Other prizes will be awarded during qualifying with a limit of one prize or qualification per person per household
  • Once qualified for the grand prize, you will not be eligible to participate in other qualifying opportunities

Grand Prizes

  • Once qualifying has finished, there will be a gathering at Central Park in Charles City on Friday, August 5th.
  • All pre-qualifiers will be invited to step into the The Bull Prize Pit.
  • The Grand Prizes will be awarded based on the activity inside the Prize Pit

Prize Pit

  • Safety glasses are required for all contestants.
  • Once you are in the Prize Pit, you will have 30 seconds to collect as much KCZE KA$H as possible.
  • You cannot grab KCZE KA$H off the ground or your body.
  • Contestants may, if necessary, use their feet to kick up KCZE KA$H that accumulates in the bottom corners.
  • Any KCZE KA$H grabbed after the 30 seconds will not be counted.
  • Contestants must be in good physical condition to participate. Persons with back, neck, knee or joint injury, respiratory problems or who may be pregnant should not participate.
  • North Iowa Broadcasting (The Bull) has the right to change and modify the rules at any time.
  • North Iowa Broadcasting (The Bull) officials reserve the right to disqualify any contestant if above rules are violated. The contestant will forfeit all KCZE KA$H if disqualified.
  • North Iowa Broadcasting (The Bull) is not responsible for accidents or injuries that may arise from participating in the The Bull Prize Pit.

Any Questions should be directed to