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Charles City Man Pleads Guilty to One of Three Drug Charges

A Charles City man has pleaded guilty to one of three felony drug charges against him.

The Floyd County Sheriff’s Office arrested 20-year-old Samuel Kiewel in March for possession of a controlled substance with intent to deliver LSD, a Class B felony; and two counts of possession with intent to deliver marijuana, both Class D felonies. The charges stemmed from a traffic stop last November in the 2100 block of Old Highway Road south of Charles City.  

Court documents show the arresting deputy said the smell of marijuana came from the vehicle and Kiewel surrendered an illegal drug and inhaling device.  A subsequent search of the vehicle also found four squares of acid, a glass jar with over four grams of marijuana concentrate, and two dozen packages of THC gummiez. Kiewel also allegedly admitted to selling the illegal drugs for profit.

Kiewel has pleaded guilty to intent to deliver LSD, with the other two charges dismissed. A sentencing hearing is scheduled for August 15th.


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