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Funding for Chickasaw County-Run Ambulance Service Faces Questions

Wanting to operate a county-run ambulance is one thing, funding it remains a hurdle for the Chickasaw County Board of Supervisors.

On a 3-to-2 vote Monday, the Board approved County Attorney David Laudner to proceed with drawing up individual 28E agreements with every city in the county to help fund a public ambulance service. The cities would help cover wages and general operating expenses by contributing on a per capita rate of $100 per citizen.

Laudner says the challenge with the 28Es comes from building in contingencies to protect the County and cities financially.

Supervisor Jacob Hackman echoed that concern citing negotiations earlier this year when the City of Nashua wanted to rework their contract to have the Chickasaw County Sheriff’s Office provide the city with law enforcement.

The consensus of the Supervisors is to utilize about $1.7 million in County ARPA funds to pay for start-up costs. That includes the purchase of ambulances and equipment from their current private provider, Jeremy McGrath and Chickasaw Ambulance Service, whose contract expires December 31st.

Mark Pitz

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