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Floyd County Explores Lengthy Process to Making EMS Essential

Declaring emergency medical services (EMS) as an essential service at the county level is easier said than done.

During their regular board meeting Monday afternoon, Floyd County Supervisors discussed the lengthy process of making EMS an essential service. Supervisor Roy Schwickerath explained that it first requires the board declaring they’re considering a resolution to that effect, which they could do at their May 9th meeting. A public notice then could be issued on May 18th followed by the required 60 days before the first reading of the resolution on July 18th, and then two additional readings of the resolution that would take them into August. 

In the meantime, Schwickerath added that he would work with EMS agencies in the county to hold informational meetings to educate the public. Then, if the resolution is passed, more legwork must be done before the measure can be put before a county vote.

Before the measure could go on the ballot this November, Supervisors must also decide how to pay for EMS essential services. Options include a property tax, an income tax surcharge or a combination of the two.

Mark Pitz

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