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Challenges On and Off the Course for Charles City’s Wildwood Golf Course

The future of the clubhouse at Wildwood Golf Course in Charles City comes with a lot of questions and, likely, a lot of work.

The City owns and operates the golf course and its some 100-year-old clubhouse. Parks and Recreation Director Tyler Mitchell says the Park-Rec Board got an up close look at the facility last week to get a better picture of its current condition, which needs work inside and out, from top to bottom.

Mitchell says repairing or replacing the foundation may be the biggest hazard to address, because of its current condition and challenges associated with the clubhouse design, which could make it difficult to find a company willing to do the work, let alone bid on the project.

As for the golfing itself at Wildwood, Mitchell says golfers have been hitting the course in recent weeks as weather allows, which also determines when his crews can work on keeping the course in shape.

Mitchell says maintaining the course will get easier as more regular warm weather comes our way.

Mark Pitz

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