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Floyd County LOSST, Voting Precinct Ordinances Made Official 

Floyd County voting precincts received the official stamp of approval by the Board of Supervisors Monday.

Supervisors approved the second reading and waived the third reading of the ordinance that establishes the new precincts based on the 2020 census. Scott, Union and Pleasant Grove townships make up one voting precinct; Rudd, Floyd, Cedar and Niles townships make up another precinct; while Ulster, St. Charles South and Riverton townships make up one precinct. 

Rockford and Rock Grove maintain their own individual precincts as well as Charles City precincts CC1 and CC2. A notable precinct change is the combination that puts Charles City CC3 and St. Charles North township in one precinct. It allows St. Charles North voters to cast ballots in Charles City, but only for county elections of candidates, issues and measures.

Supervisors also approved the second reading and waived the third reading of an ordinance that will officially continue the one-cent local option sales and service tax (LOSST) as one January 1, 2023. Over the 10 years of the tax in the unincorporated areas of the county, 100% of revenues will go towards secondary road projects.

The measure was approved for its continuation during a special election March 1st, the same day Charles City voters renewed the city’s own one-cent LOSST tax. It will also see a 10-year run starting January 1, 2023, with 90% of the funds generated going towards street projects and 10% for public safety including police, fire and ambulance services.

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