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Floyd County Courthouse Offices Play Musical Chairs as Renovations Continue

Similar to the game “musical chairs,” various departments may see changes in office locations within the Floyd County Courthouse as renovations of the building in Charles City continue.

During their regular meeting Monday, the Floyd County Board of Supervisors discussed the possible relocation of different offices to allow contractors to get in to conduct the work they need to perform. Supervisors Linda Tjaden and Roy Schwickerath noted that while the movement creates some disruption, it’s also not unexpected.

The relocation of courthouse offices will also affect the supervisors when they’re forced to discontinue meetings in the second floor boardroom when the County Recorder moves into the space temporarily. Schwickerath added that it could also alter their meeting time.

No decisions were made on changes in meeting location or time, but supervisors agreed they’ll need to be flexible.

Mark Pitz

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