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FCMC Encourages Colonoscopy Screenings

March is “Colon Cancer Awareness Month” and Floyd County Medical Center in Charles City is encouraging colon cancer screenings on a regular basis.

That’s FCMC’s Ashle Dittmer, a registered nurse in the hospital’s surgery department. She says prepping for a colonoscopy can now include taking Suprep colon-cleansing tablets for a tasteless alternative instead of the traditional, not-so-pleasing, Suprep liquid drink.

Either way, Dittmer adds that the cleaning of the colon is vital to the screening process.

Dittmer says preparing for your colonoscopy is often more uncomfortable than the procedure itself. She says you’ll get a nice nap during your colonoscopy and you’ll be up and ready to go shortly afterwards, but take it easy for the next 24 hours.

Contact your physician with any questions and to schedule your colonoscopy.

Mark Pitz

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