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 Charles City School Board Approves $1 Million for Work at Former Middle School Building

 The Charles City School Board has voted to accept a bid of just over $1 million for improvements to the former middle school, in advance of The Learning Center’s (TLC) relocating its childcare operations into the 1970’s portion of the building.

As part of their North Grand Project agreement with TLC, the school district is responsible for the “envelope” of the building, including the physical outside wall, HVAC and utility services. The district must also install a three-foot firewall to separate TLC from the 1930’s portion of the building which is being renovated into apartments.

Superintendent Mike Fisher told the board that the bid from Woodruff Construction to address many of those projects came in higher than original estimates of about $750,000, but supply chain issues have led to unavoidable increases in costs.

The School Board has set a special meeting for February 1st to approve bank bids for the North Grand Project, which Fisher added has caught the eye of the state’s top official.

TLC recently received its second state grant of $750,000 to help with its relocation and renovation efforts on North Grand Avenue.

Mark Pitz

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