Repairs to Flooded Chickasaw County Roads Continue

Maintenance crews continue to repair roads in Chickasaw County damaged by recent flooding.

Between 50 and 60 roads were under water at one time following torrential rains of over 10 inches in some areas of the county the last weekend of August. Engineer Dusty Rolando says they’ve made good progress, but repairs could continue until it freezes.

Rolando says the only full closure remaining is Boyd Road, or Chickasaw County Road B-54, south of New Hampton, but that’s because repairs are in a holding pattern.

Until all repairs can be made, Rolando advises motorists to be alert for signage that indicates where roads still have trouble spots.

Rolando, also the County Engineer for Floyd County, says up to 15 Floyd County roads were impacted by the recent floods, but as of earlier this week, all roads were open and passable.


Mark Pitz

News Director
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