Charles City High School Track Project to Add Over $200,000

Adding over $200,000 in costs to the resurfacing of the Charles City High School track is expected to become official at tonight’s regular School Board meeting.

School officials learned last month that while crews were prepping the track for a new overlay,  it was discovered the track had been resurfaced so many times, another layer would only be a temporary solution. As a result, they would have to remove several layers of previous overlays first, essentially taking the track back to “ground zero” before putting the new track down. The cost was originally estimated at about $270,000, but a change order, if approved tonight, would add about $209,000 to the project, which also must now be delayed until after the track season concludes next spring.

The School Board has an early start time this evening at 5:30 p.m. in the high school library.


Mark Pitz

News Director
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