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NH City Council tables seed money payment to Chickasaw Ambulance Service

New Hampton, IA – A tense and at times heated city council meeting on Monday April 5th ended with the New Hampton City Council deciding to table paying its portion of the “seed money” to the Chickasaw Ambulance Council.

The cities’ portion of the seed money, $7,295.70 was part of the $25,000 the newly formed ambulance council is to use to generate “requests for proposals” known as RFP’s for the purpose of hiring an attorney or consultant.

Questions were raised about this, mainly what does this money do to an agreement that was earlier reached by the cities in Chickasaw County and Chickasaw County to settle a lawsuit that had been filed by the county against the cities to pay for a two year ambulance contract that had been signed by the former ambulance council in June of 2019.

City council members were concerned that the “seed” money was going to be used pay rent on a building owned by Jeremy McGrath to house the ambulances for a total of $15,000 per year while the city had offered to rent out the two ambulance stalls the city had been providing for free for decades for $21,000 instead of using it for the RPF as originally intended.  At the end of the meeting, the council voted 5-0 to table payment.

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