Charles City schools to stay in hybrid model for now; teases that state could force them back full-time

The Charles City School District is going to be staying in their hybrid model of learning going forward. The district was hoping that it could go back to full-time by this week – but due to a slight spike of COVID-19 cases that the district noticed coming out of break, the plan has changed.


Superintendent Mike Fisher still has optimism the district could fully reopen either at the end of January or early February. 

Though Fisher alluded to the board that it is a possibility that the decision to reopen or stay in hybrid might be soon out of their hands:


Fisher says until that point when or if the state takes away the district’s control – they will be using their matrix to decide what to do. Their decision matrix takes in account the community’s positivity rate and student absentee rate into making choices on whether to teach in or out of the classrooms.

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