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Charles City Watershed Coordinator talks 2020 progress; goals for the future

2020 is days away from being over – and Charles City Watershed Coordinator Doug Johnson says that the program made a lot of progress this past year.

Watershed is a geographical term that refers to the area that drains into a single river. What people do on land has an affect on the water quality for all the people of the area. Johnson’s hope is to instill better farming and agricultural practices into the area to help improve the watershed.

Johnson has a hope for Charles City’s watershed project before 2024:

  • Install 10 additional urban storm water management projects
  • Farmers within the watershed will plant a minimum of 10,000 acres of cover crop
  • A minimum of 30% of farm operations in the watershed area will adopt additional water quality protection practices
  • Farmers within the watershed will install 15 bioreactors and/or saturated buffers
  • Farm operators within the watershed will increase the use of no-till and strip-till farming to 10,000 acres per year
  • Farm operators within the watershed will increase the use of precision nutrient management systems to 7000 acres per year
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