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Gov. Reynolds and team: pending FDA approval, 172,000 Iowans set to get COVID-19 vaccine by end of year

This week’s biggest national headline is all about vaccines – and the world’s potential cure or stop-gap for the COVID-19 virus. Both Pfizer and Moderna recently announced they are ready to distribute their virus vaccines that both are nearly 95% effective.

To localize this worldwide strategy, Gov. Kim Reynolds held a special press conference on Thursday to tell the state what residents can expect in regards to the vaccines distribution.

Pending FDA approval, the state expects to get 26,000 doses of the vaccine by December 13th and by the end of the month, 172,000 Iowans should have received their first dose.

According to Reynolds, the vaccine distribution will follow a priority list.

Priority list (communities with the largest population will get the vaccine first):

  1. Nursing homes residents (and their direct care staff)

  2. Health care workers

For the rest of the population, 2021 is more of a responsible bet.

Both vaccines will need to be taken twice. The Pfizer vaccine will need to be taken 21 days apart – while the Moderna will be taken 28 days apart.


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