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Charles City bike trail to receive possible upgrades; just waiting on the Charley Western Trail Bridge

The city of Charles City made saving the Milwaukee Railroad Depot an official city recognized project this last summer. And according to Mayor Dean Andrews, after the most recent promises and donations, he is optimistic about it reaching its goal. 


If the $350,000 worth of funds is collected by the floating deadline, the Milwaukee Railroad Depot will move a couple of blocks and become part of the Charley Western Bike Trail.


The city also hopes it can secure a spot in a program put on by Trees Forever (an environmental group) that will send facilitators and architects to Charles City to create a free plan on how to better the bike trail.

Though, to fully finish the Charley Western Bike Trail – the Charley Western Trail Bridge – set to be completed in 2021 – will need to go to plan. 

Andrews was happy to report that even now, work is being done to fix the bridge.


In other words, a couple of the city’s projects seem to be converging and complementing each other as the area moves into 2021.


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