Charles City Drama Department ‘old time’ radio show gets postponed because of virus case; more school cases

The Charles City High School Drama Department was tabbed to hold an ‘Old Time’ radio show on 95.9 KCHA this last weekend. Due to a positive COVID-19 case, the shows were postponed. 

The school district has made it known that the shows will not be cancelled and that the case was not a member of the cast, but instead an adult helping with the production of the show. 

Over the weekend, the school district was alerted that many of the students/staff of the Charles City High school and Middle School have tested positive for the virus. The district reported that 1-5 cases from the high school and 1-5 cases from the middle school were positive.

The grand total at all of the campuses for Charles City since the beginning of the year is now 50; with only 1 case in the entire month of October.


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