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Floyd County Medical Center reminds locals to get ‘wellness checks’ and ‘cancer screenings’ during pandemic

For a while during the pandemic, many non-essential hospital services were put on lockdown. This has changed as at the Floyd County Medical Center one can get almost every service they could before March. Administrator Rod Nordeng says that 90% of the hospital’s patients have returned to the clinic and hospital. 

However, he has heard from clinical journals that people are now forgetting to follow-up on wellness checks and cancer screenings. 

Certified Nurse Midwife Judi Halbach agrees on the importance of these check-ups.


Halbach says she hasn’t delivered any less babies since the pandemic began and delivers 4 to 5 per month. She also reassures any potential mother is worried about giving birth during the pandemic.


Instead, for those who want contraception from FCMC – they offer a wide variety. 


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