Several Charles City parents voice concerns about online learning at Monday’s school board meeting

The Charles City School District will be holding a ‘special meeting’ on Wednesday at noon to decide if the area’s students will be fully back in classes come October 5th or if they will be extending the hybrid model another 30 days. Leading up to this big decision, the district held their biweekly meeting and during the ‘public comment’ portion – many parents came forward with concerns about continuing the hybrid model.


She says that on the days her child is home from school, that he is done with all of his work in under 2 hours. 

Another Comet parent echoed this concern:


A third district parent was worried about the quality of learning in reference to Charles City’s 2019 Iowa statewide test scores. These scores showed that the district students were below state average in every subject, across all grade levels. With many areas like 5th grade science and math having more than 20% lower scores than the state average.


Finally, Superintendent Mike Fisher told the board he had received emails in support of the school returning to classes fully. 

The decision is set to be made on Wednesday. According to Communications Director Justin DeVore, even if schools fully open, the districts ‘School to You’ program will continue to be offered. ‘School to You’ is the alternative option where students can opt to do their school work completely online and at home.










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