Osage superintendent on the start of baseball/softball: ‘rumor has it’ ‘ESPN trucks running around Iowa’

Iowa is set up to be the center of the high school baseball and softball world this summer. As of a week ago, Iowa high school summer sports will be allowed to practice starting June 1st – with a June 15th start for games. Osage Superintendent Barb Schwamman says the country’s eyes will most likely be on us.


Schwamman says she has even heard rumors of ESPN trucks heading to Iowa come mid-June.

Schwamman’s investment in the summer sports seasons runs deep. She currently has a senior daughter who plays 1st base for the Osage softball team.

Though, Schwamman realizes there are still some lingering issues regarding how the process will go. 


Osage athletes will not be able to use their dugouts for practices – only games. Transportation will change as well, as 13 people max are going to be allowed on a bus at any given time.

Schwamman says Osage will start out the season swinging.


Osage will only play half their schedule, with their conference games as their main priority.


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