Virtual ‘Comet Choice Awards 2020’ results

The 2020 Charles City Comet seniors were a talented bunch – and to commemorate these talents, the school district’s Facebook page uploaded the ‘Comet Choice Awards 2020’ this week. The areas being recognized included athletics, speech, orchestra, band, and even integrity and character.

The MCs for the event were Erik Hoefer and Pete Kloberdanz.

The first award given out was ‘Outstanding Actor’ and was given to McKenna Oleson:


Nathan Shultz brought home two awards: the ‘Iowa Choral Directors Award’ and the ‘John Philip Sousa Band Award’:


‘Top Male Comet Athlete’ went to Bradley Andrews:


And ‘Top Female Comet Athlete’ went to Liz Fiser:


If you want to watch the entire ceremony and hear the rest of the award results, watch the video:


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