After the weekend, Floyd County sits at 11 confirmed cases; tested 133 locals in one day

On May 13th, Charles City Comprehensive Systems announced a COVID-19 outbreak in their Crestview facility. Floyd County immediately started to increase testing in response to the outbreak. That week (May 11-15), 290 tests were taken in the county; with a total of 553 tests taken overall.

Currently, the county sits at 11 total confirmed cases of the virus – with the most recent case coming on May 15th. This followed a record setting day of 133 tests taken on that same day.

Comparably to the entire state, Floyd County’s ‘hit rate’ is relatively low. ‘Hit rate’ is what percentage of tests that are taken come back positive. In the entire state, an average of 14.5% of tests taken are positive. Compared to Floyd County which hovers at around 2% positive. 

Another noteworthy statistic is ‘Cases per 100,000 Population’:

Floyd County: 70

Butler County: 96

Cerro Gordo County: 42

Chickasaw County: 59

Mitchell County: 38 

In the counties directly touching Floyd, only Butler has a worse case count per 100,000 population. 

SOURCE: All statistics came from


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