New Hampton’s ‘Heartland Days’ cancelled

A slew of the largest North Iowa summer events are either facing cancellation or cancelled already. For many, these events are a salvation after a long and cumbersome winter. 

On April 14th, the Charles City Chamber of Commerce announced the summer’s Party in the Park dates were still steady, but in a hesitant limbo. 

A Chamber release read: “If the situation dictates, one or more of those dates may be postponed and moved to later in the year.”

The plot thickens.

On April 15th, the soul of New Hampton’s summer celebrations, Heartland Days, was cancelled.

According to the New Hampton Tribune,  New Horizons Director Jason Speltz said the event set for June 12-13 was a public safety issue.

Speltz said this about the cancellation: “This wasn’t a decision we could make at the last minute, and I’ll be honest with you, I got a little teary eyed. I mean Heartland Days is such a highlight of our year.”

The silver lining appears when both bands – The Dweebs and The Vic Ferrari Band – are agreeing to headline 2021’s event. 

Speltz also says the Chamber is in talks to develop a smaller fall concert for the city to sink their teeth into. 

And in brighter news, Nashua’s pride, Water Over the Dam Days is not being cancelled. Instead, it will be postponed from June 26-27 to August 14-15.

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