Charles City small business owner: ‘no question sales are down’ but ‘we will come out the other side’

All businesses are losing money. Lori Otto of Otto’s Oasis believes her store is going to be fine. In fact, landscaping, a huge portion of the shop’s income will most likely be unaffected by the virus.


Either way, Otto admits the Oasis is struggling. They have been forced to apply for the governmental aid programs being distributed. And like most businesses, they had to let some of their employees go – 4 to be exact. 


Most of their losses have resulted from their non-plant inventory which is locked away in their gift shop. This inventory is theoretically glued to the shelves until the governor allows the businesses to reopen. 

Otto says their store has no plans of closing. But, when this is all over, Otto says the community will need to come through for the area’s small businesses.


“We’ve been through a lot since we’ve opened and we’ve always come out the other side,” Otto said. “I have no doubt we will this time as well.”

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