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Charles City auto repair shop 3D printing masks for local medical and law enforcement personnel

Dave Martin of Nelson Tire and Auto Inc. in Charles City has a Prusa 3D printer in house. They often use it to print miscellaneous parts for vehicles. This week, Martin received an email from Prusa that explained the company was halting all production of printers and pivoting their attention to supplementing the shortage of PPE’s (personal protective equipment) that the medical industry is facing during the coronavirus fiasco. 

Martin thought this was a great idea. Especially because, in hit-home fashion, his wife is an EMT.


Martin says his wife is a very selfless woman and is worried everyday she might bring home the virus to her children. Martin plans to produce masks using well-over $1,000 worth of material – all out of pocket.

The entire process of creating a mask takes the machine around 4 hours – and Martin hopes to shorten this time span without sacrificing quality. 


He also has the to-standard file on hand for anybody in the area with a 3D printer who would like to follow-suit. 


Video of a mask being made:

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