Iowa Senate passes 2.1% increase in educational aid; North Iowa educators disappointed

Osage schools were recognized in Des Moines last month for their dedication to computer sciences in elementary classes. At that event, Gov. Kim Reynolds told Iowa schools would be getting a 2.5% bump in state aid. Superintendent of Osage Barb Schwamman was immediatley disappointed as she was hoping it’d be higher – and besides that, “we never get what the governor asks for.”

Schwamman was right.

Senators voted 31-17 to aid K-12 schooling a cool 2.1% – a bit lower than the governor and Schwamman had hoped for.

This 2.1% increase will bring the total to $7,024 or $144 per student. The 2.5% increase would have sprung for $7,052 or $172 per student. According to Schwamman, the original increase was barely keeping up with inflation rates. This will continue to develop in the state.


Carter Melrose

Carter bullied his way onto the KCHA radio waves after spending 4 years at the University of Iowa as a studying journalist. He writes news, short stories, features, but more than anything, he has a proclivity to wax philosophically.
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