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Gov. Reynolds announces grants to Nora Springs and West Union

Governor of Iowa Kim Reynolds recently announced the state will be giving both Nora Springs and West Union water quality infrastructure grants. The funding is made possible through the Wastewater and Drinking Water Financial Assistance Program created in January of 2018.

Gov. Reynolds says, “Safe, clean water is critical for the health of Iowa’s families, communities, businesses, and the environment. That’s why we have made investing in water quality infrastructure a priority and will continue to build on our efforts from 2018. These are the very first awards made under this landmark legislation, and it’s just the beginning.” 

Ashley Jared of the Iowa Finance Authority, says the 27 applicants made the funding highly sought after and discussed the specifications of what the program was looking for.


Nora Springs was one of the winners and slated to receive $150,000 off of their $8,424,029 wastewater treatment facility project. West Union will also receive $150,000 but instead to use towards their $6,797,000 renovations to their wastewater treatment plant.

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