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Wildwood first deer hunt results

When the Charles City city council okay-ed the deer hunt at Wildwood Golf Course earlier this year, Mayor Dean Andrews inbox began flooding with emails from locals and out-of-state activists alike. The council stuck to their decision and went through with the first hunt in late November.

The results: One buck and one doe.

The expected take this year was a bit higher, but the golf course didn’t have a hard and fast number in mind.

This is only the first hunt of presumably more to come. The golf course will need to wait until spring in order to see if the depleted deer numbers make a difference in course-damage.

When the decision was made, both a Facebook page and petition were quickly scraped together to show the council that push-back existed. The petition titled, ‘Save the Wildwood Deer,’ is currently sitting at nearly 21,000 signatures – just 4,000 signatures short of their 25,000 goal.

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