Charles City softball and baseball complex update 10-15-2019

A major Charles City project is unraveling as we speak with the softball and baseball complexes being constructed. As a result, a ton of dirt is being ushered around the city. The College Grounds, for instance, is flooding with fresh dirt. Dana Sullivan, the assistant softball coach explains:


Sullivan alludes that both softball and baseball students are helping out with the development of the complexes. She says they have helped with fundraising efforts and even moving dirt from place to place.


A concern arose when the construction of the complexes involved cutting down many trees in the area. Athletic Director Todd Forysth explains what the plan is for supplementing this issue:


With November marked as a huge month for the construction of the complexes, opening night doesn’t seem too far off. Sullivan says she has even started planning it and promises that it won’t just be 2 games.


Carter Melrose

Carter bullied his way onto the KCHA radio waves after spending 4 years at the University of Iowa as a studying journalist. He writes news, short stories, features, but more than anything, he has a proclivity to wax philosophically.
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