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Safety in school zones growing as students back in session

New Hampton, Iowa – With school back in session, area law enforcement agencies are cracking down and reminding motorists to be vigilant when driving through school zones.  

New Hampton Police Chief Zach Nosbisch (NOS-bish) says the best advice he can give is to slow down and look.


Some motorists may be confused when to stop or slow down as a school bus is picking up or unloading students.

Nosbisch says the law requires you to stop in a two-lane road. 


He added it’s more complicated involving four-lane roads and turning lanes, but motorists should check the Iowa DOT website for clarification. 

And if you blow through the stop sign next to a school bus, there’s a penalty. 


Another safety concern in school areas according to Nosbisch are crosswalks, stop signs and stop lights.  

He says it may be hard to identify a crossing guard in one of those areas.


According to Nosbisch, the busiest times for schools are usually during the morning hours as students are trying to beat the morning bell.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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