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Execpect increased law enforcement precense over holiday weekend

Charles City, Iowa – With more Americans hitting the roads for the holiday weekend than ever before, more law enforcement will be hitting the same stretches too.

Floyd County Deputy Sheriff Brian Tiedemann says the increase in patrol comes from the Iowa Department of Public Safety’s special Traffic Enforcement Program or sTEP.


Iowa’s sTEP invites statewide law enforcement agencies to participate in increased traffic patrols over five dates this year including July 3-July 7.

Tiedemann says the event’s main goal is raising awareness in seat belt use and driver safety.


For motorists who enjoy having a lead foot, you don’t want to be driving too fast because traffic violations can prove costly.

He says fines could range from $40 to $200 without court costs depending on the citation.


The other dates in Iowa’s sTEP are St. Patrick’s Day, Memorial Day and Labor Day.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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