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Home Depot helps when insurance company won’t

When a family’s insurance company said no, some generous Home Depot employees said yes.

Two-year-old Logan Moore has a condition called hypotonia, which results in low muscle tone. Unable to walk without an aid, his parents sought to get him a toddler-sized walker.

But when their stingy health insurance company wouldn’t cover the cost of one, Logan’s parents turned to the do-it-yourself option.

They went to the local Home Depot in Cedartown, Georgia, to buy materials to build their own makeshift walker for Logan. When employees heard about what they were trying to do, they offered to help.

The first thing they did was tell the family to go get Logan some ice cream. Then, they got to work on building the perfect walker made out of PVC pipes.

When it was all done and Logan’s parents went to pay for the materials, they were told to keep their money. Home Depot associate Jeffrey Anderson says, “Everyone was crying to see Logan walk around with the biggest smile on his face. When the family tried to pay us we said, ‘No way. This one is on us.’”

(New York Post)

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