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Woman adopts three siblings as a single mother

Years ago, a teacher in Grand Forks, North Dakota, named Trisha Yearwood made a promise to herself …

If she wasn’t married by the age of 30, she would adopt.

Well, Trisha turned 30 and hadn’t tied the knot yet – so she set her sights on adoption.

But instead of just adopting one child, she took a huge step by adopting three.

Trisha welcomed three siblings into her home – five-year-old twin boys and their sister Aaliyah, who’s about a year older.

She said she has enjoyed the “hugs and cuddles” of motherhood and also that she has learned a new level of patience.

And, the kids are thrilled to be together, in a loving home, and not bouncing around between different foster homes.

(Grand Forks Herald)

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