No fowl play in this sendoff!

Flock of ducks walkout on their graduation day

Charles City, Iowa – It’s a senior send off sort of day for students at Washington Elementary.  They’re saying goodbye to the most popular flock of ducks in Charles City.

Second grader Tinley Parker called the ceremony ‘fun.’


It’s a yearly tradition gone on for four years and has been coined the Duckling graduation walk.

Principal Kara Shannon says it’s a resemblance of what students are going through this time of year.


The walkout has happened as a coincidence according to Shannon.  A m other hen nests and lays eggs in the building’s courtyard.

After the eggs hatch, school officials plan the walkout, but this year presented a unique twist.


She added the hen could be older in age because she laid more than the average meaning her life span could be limited.

Shannon remains positive, hoping the extra nest continues the tradition.  It remains mystery why the hen began laying eggs in the first place.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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