HELP WANTED: Nashua-Plainfield needing volunteers to construct student-funded playground

Principal wants to finish playground before school ends to fulfill promise

Nashua, Iowa – The Nashua-Plainfield elementary school is calling on their neighbors to help construct a playground for students before the end of the week.

Principal Michelle Havenstrite said she promised her students they’d have a new playground before school closed for the year, but it’s been difficult.


Students raised over $25,000 according to Havenstrite from cookie and magazine sales over the last couple of years.

She says the students’ efforts are why they decided to help build something not for the school but for the community too.


Students wanted to incorporate a ninja course and update other equipment.


The project’s supervisor Scott Thorson says one of the additions will need extra man power.


Both added they want to be finished by Thursday evening but may run into Friday.

If you have questions, contact the elementary school.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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