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Floyd Coutny Ikes giving away seed to save Monarch butterflies

Pickup at area stores to help provide nutrition

Charles City, Iowa- In an effort to help save part of Iowa’s Monarch Butterflies, one Charles City group is giving away free milkweed seeds.

The Floyd County Ikes are offering free milkweed seeds to the public.  Monarch butterflies are dependent on the plant for the main source of food before migrating to Mexico.

Free seed packets can be picked up at Schueth Ace Hardware in Charles City and New Hampton and at City Auto Parts in Charles City during regular store hours.

By planting and watering in the spring, the milkweed will be available for this fall’s Monarch migration.

Since 1992, 80 percent of the milkweeds have disappeared in the US due to herbicides according to a release.

More information can be found at



Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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