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Hog unit construction causing stink in county

Four hog units to be constructed after debate over matrix scoring

Charles City, Iowa – Four more hog units in Floyd County have been approved for construction Monday morning but not before unanimous concern over master matrix scoring, which determines the feasibility of the unit from the Iowa Department of Natural Resources.

Floyd County resident Sharon Koehler says several hog confinements are in the area already.


There will be two 2,500 hundred head deep pit swine finishers constructed for Honeywood and Spicewood LLC in Section 28 of the Ulster Township. There are 48 5,000 or more hog confinement units in Floyd County.

Supervisor Linda Tjaden says the state needs to help create a better system for approval, which lands on the backs of the legislators.


The master matrix is a scoring system that can be used to evaluate the siting of permitted confinement feeding operations. Before construction, producers must earn points from subcategories to score at least 440 points or 50 percent, which one of the barns didn’t do at the beginning.

Supervisor Roy Schwickerath says he wanted to deny the permit after the change.


His motion failed and Supervisors passed both construction permits.

Despite the different views, Supervisor Doug Kamm the solution to the problem is:


Several letters were read in favor and against construction.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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