Man honors his mom and mother-in-law with big donation

In Springfield, Pennsylvania, a former student of the local high school is donating $1 million to honor his mom, who was a school lunch lady, and his mother-in-law, who drove a school bus.

Nicholas Giuffre graduated from Springfield High School in 1974 and made a bunch of money in the water-heater business.

And now, he’s giving back to those who helped him along the way by donating the million dollars to the Springfield Area Education Foundation.

Thanks to Nicholas, the school cafeteria will be named after his mom — Frances “Chickie” Giuffre — and the bus driver commons room will be named after his mother-in-law, Kay Voglesong.

The gift will go a long way toward helping the community remember the ways these two women affected the lives of students for decades.

(The Philadelphia Inquirer)

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