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Man repairs bikes for the needy

Joe Golan of Bunnell, Florida, understands the value of a working bicycle. Because there’s not a lot of public transportation in the area, people who can’t afford a car depend on bikes to get around.

But, of course, bicycles can break down — and that’s where Joe steps in. A retired electrical worker, Joe puts his excellent mechanical skills to good use every Wednesday by setting up shop at a church and spending hours repairing bikes that people bring him.

His work has become so well known in the area that people now refer to him as the “Bike Man of Flagler County.”

On a typical day, he repairs eight to 10 bikes, getting them into working condition so that people can safely ride them. And through the years, he estimates he has fixed over 1,000 bicycles.

That’s more than 1,000 people who enjoy the freedom and ability to get where they need to be, thanks to his generosity and skill.


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