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Man meets paramedics who saved his life hours before hurricane

Seven months ago, Eric Marquis had one of the roughest days of his life. Just as Hurricane Florence was heading toward his home in Wilmington, North Carolina, he suffered a heart attack — and collapsed on his living room floor.

In a matter of minutes, paramedics were on the scene. They got Eric’s heart beating again and delivered him to the hospital, where he spent five weeks recovering.

Hurricane Florence came and went. Eric was released from the hospital. And since then, Eric and his wife, Mimi, have been able to get their lives back to normal.

But, they recently took some time out of their day to meet the paramedics who helped Eric just before that hurricane hit. Both Eric and Mimi were able to express their thanks with the understanding that if the paramedics hadn’t done their jobs so well — under extreme pressure — Eric wouldn’t be here.


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