Turkey Valley students raise $10,000 in supplies for Nebraska flood victims

Jackson Junction, Iowa – Turkey Valley FFA senior Isaac Franzen still can’t find the words to describe what his chapter’s trip to Nebraska was like.

He says the massive scale of destruction is something he’s never seen.


Franzen, joined by 33 other FFA members took $10,000 worth of supplies to communities and ranches along the Missouri River in Eastern Nebraska over the weekend.

Members called upon the community and received five truck loads of hay, household and fencing supplies.

Franzen said one of their first stops near Kennard, left a woman with nothing left of her cattle operation.


They visited King Lake and Fremont on the trip.  Members stopped in the communities and pitched in for a few hours before hitting the road.

When asked about what the experience was like Franzen told North Iowa News it still is a lot to take in.


During their stop at Kennard, FFA members dropped hay off. Because of their service, the farm’s operator Ann Emary let members name the next calf born.

They named it Faith.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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