Clarksville searching for answers to ash tree issue

Clarksville, Iowa -Clarksville’s ash trees are becoming a growing problem according to the town’s Mayor Val Swinton.


Swinton is referring to the emerald ash bore, which is affecting the town’s 250 trees.

City officials are discussing who and how to cut down the infected, or soon to be infected trees.

Swinton says they’re bringing in a local expert at the next city council for her view.


He adds he hopes the maintenance department can cut down some of the trees.  Swinton couldn’t provide an estimate on the cost but nearly half of the 250 trees are on privately owned properties.

He tells North Iowa News the city needs to have a plan because when the trees die, they need to come out.


The E-A-B was first discovered in Iowa in 2010 on in island in the Mississippi River near the town of New Albin. Since then, the beetle has moved westward and new infestations are found on a routine basis. It’s now in more than 70 of Iowa’s 99 counties.

Studies find there are some 52-million woodland ash trees and more than three-million community ash trees in Iowa.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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