Report shows teens wanting to commit suicide is on the rise

Charles City, Iowa – A report released earlier this week by the Iowa Department of Health  noted one in ten teens had a plan to kill themselves in the past year.

Charles City Counselor Chelsea Moen says the 53 percent increase over the past two years is alarming.


The Iowa Youth Survey says 6th grade students who reported having a plan to commit suicide in the last year rose by 71 percent since 2012. Eight-point-one percent of 11th graders rose to 12.9 percent over the six year span.

Charles City staff has received trauma informed and mental health first-aid training.

Moen says the school is equipped to help satisfy student needs.


The school will be adding a counselor and a social worker next year to help assist students.

Brooke Hottle is a 9th grade counselor and says the rising trend needs to be reversed.


Both counselors added if your child is struggling with anything to come see them and they can provide resources that best suit them.


Kellan Heavican

News & Sports Director

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